In accordance with our customers requirements, we offer a comprehensive package service that includes concept design, system modeling, flow and thermal simulations, and concludes with physical testing of the model.

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Gearbox lubrication analysis

Based on shonCloud software, the lubrication simulation of gearbox with different structure configurations can be realized. Including effective evaluation of the lubrication status of bearings and the churning loss of gear. The overall efficiency of the gearbox can be effectively improved according to these simulations.

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    E-Motor Cooling

    Based on shonCloud software, the simulation analysis of oil spray cooling and rotating shaft oil dumping cooling of different types of motors can be realized. These simuations could effectively evaluate the heat dissipation of key motor components, lubrication status of motor bearings, oil dumping information of motor shaft, etc. It provides reliable data support and optimization direction for the performance development of the whole motor.