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Meshless particle-based fluid dynamics

ShonDy can simulate various physical properties of fluids within a three-dimensional space. Users can easily launch a simulation once they imported their CAD geometry models, configure the movements of the bodies, and set up the physical properties of the involved fluids. In comparison to many other CFD software, shonDy does not require mesh generation for the simulation domain. Without mesh constraints, it is much more flexible in many simulation scenarios. It has particular advantages in simulating free-surface scenarios such as splashing and spraying and when moving bodies are involved.

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A short overview of shonDy’s capabilities

  • Gearbox: splash lubrication simulation
  • Motor cooling system: liquid drizzling simulation
  • Fuel tank: liquid sloshing simulation
  • Multi body dynamics
  • Other free-surface fluid simulations
Case Studies
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shonDy, simulate free surfaces quickly and easily!

  • Mesh generation is not needed.
  • Capable of simulating millions of particles.
  • Massive parallel and high performance computing
  • Can run on CPU and GPUs
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