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shonFlow is a general-purposed computational fluid dynamics software based on the finite volume method. It allows you to simulate complex flows in both steady and transient state. It offers tools to analyze rotating machines including turbines, pumps and fans. For thermal management, shonFlow features a state-of-art conjugate heat transfer (CHT) model to simulate fluid and solid at the same time without the need to generate mesh separately and do the mapping on the CHT interface. shonFlow works perfectly together with shonMesh as a preprocessor to quickly generate computational meshes.

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A short overview of shonFlow’s capabilities

  • Simulate steady, transient, incompressible, compressible, subsonic, supersonic, laminar and turbulent flow.
  • Conjugate heat transfer (CHT).
  • Multiphase simulation (VOF).
Case Studies
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  • Quickly generated cartesian mesh with cut-cell on the boundary.
  • Coupled with shonTA (one-dimensional) to do fast CHT analysis.
  • High performance distributed parallel computing.
  • Support deeply customized module development.
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