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shonTA is a thermal analysis software based on the thermal network method and the FEM method. It is the perfect solution for 1D and 3D transient modeling of electric drive systems. It can simulate for example the three-dimensional temperature distribution of windings or other parts of E-motors and give insights on the system’s situation when thermal balance has been reached. ShonTA can simulate the heat losses, contact heat transfer, heat conduction and heat sink in transmission systems and in E-motors. Additionally, it can be coupled with shonDy (particle based fluid simulation) and shonFlow. With shonDy oil splashing analysis in E-motors can be conducted to get heat transfer coefficients. Coupling shonTA and shonDy provides a new simulation tool and method for E-motors and electric vehicles. Together with shonDy fast 1D conjugate heat transfer (CHT) analysis can be done.

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Short overview of shonTA’s capabilities

  • 3D temperature simulation of coupled solid objects.
  • Meshing losses of gear and friction losses of shaft calculation.
  • 3D temperature simulation of gear, bearing and other parts of an E-motor.
  • heat convection transfer from environment and cooling jacket
  • Transient temperature simulation of lubrication and cooling systems.
  • 1D and 3D temperature simulation for E-motors and reducer.
Case Studies
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shonTA, bring your thermal analysis to the next level!

  • 1D and 3D transient and steady state thermal analysis.
  • Contact heat transfer modeling between key components.
  • Support mesh importing with millions cells.
  • High performance computing
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